Advanced Pricing & Discounts

In a price-sensitive market, the ability to employ adaptable pricing strategies is crucial for attracting and retaining customers. In Standard Business Central, limitations exist, such as the application of only one discount level per transaction line and the automatic selection of the lowest price. However, with Powerblox Advanced Pricing & Discounts, you gain the flexibility to choose your preferred method and combine multiple discount percentages seamlessly.

This innovative solution allows you to define discounts at various levels, including customer-specific, customer group-based, item-specific, or item group-oriented discounts, or any combination thereof. For instance, you can establish a standard discount at the customer group level while concurrently defining an additional discount for a specific customer-item pairing. This means you have the capability to offer substantial discounts for products within item group A and more modest discounts for those in item group B. With Powerblox Advanced Pricing & Discounts, the setup and management of your pricing strategies become more straightforward and efficient.

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